This week at The Club were straight back into it after a huge week of Easter Eggs & Celebrations!!!


2-4-1 pizzas, $5 Club Beer and Wine for our tight-ass Tuesday sessions, Wednesday were fully booked for Mordys Least Shit Trivia hosted by the Handsome Hugo is always good for a laugh, at his expense…


Wine Knot Thursdays kick off with Open Mike where you can sing for your supper from 8pm, But from 6pm we have $10 parmas to get a hearty feed in before the festivities and $15 Bottles of Wine with any feed!!! We also have Dan Fabris Spinning up a storm on the Decks for your earholes from 9-11pm, but were open till 1am cos fridays a public holiday!!!


Our House Fridays brings you our usual $5 pizzas from 930pm till Midnight and some killer acts from 8pm!


The return of the infamous Ghost Sultana as he gears up fro a solid set of Sexual Audio Candy from 8pm for you to shake your tail feather for Saturday Supper!!!


Cheeky Sundays this week has the lovely Sarah Rzek up n at it from 2pm and then jessica jade to bring in home from 5pm with everyones favourite White Trash homie, Carrie Oaky from 8pm to wrap up your Wknd!!!


Dont forget we do $5 Pizzas Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 Thirty till late every wknd!!! Stop in for your late night Supper and share a cosy evening with your favourite crew at The Club!!!