We hear you like music, we love great music too!

So every wknd we’ve got a bunch of killer artists for you on show at The Club, so keep checking back every once in a while to keep in the know!


Friday 9th – 8-11pm
Ben Jansz

Tarah Miller

Matt Harrison

Saturday 10th – 8-11pm
Milly Moodie and The Vanillas

Sunday 11th
Rescue Blues (The Songs of Ryan Adams) 5-8pm
Carrie Oaky 8-11pm
Friday 16th – 8-11pm

Nathan Lomas

Taylah Carrol

Saturday 17th – 8-11pm

TillerMan Pete

Sunday 18th
Ben Jansz 5-8pm

Carrie Oaky 8-11pm
Friday 23rd – 8-11pm
Marnie Rose

Daniel Jenkin

All Day Weekend

Saturday 24th

Michelle and Chanelle

Sunday 25th

CC Goons 5-8pm

Carrie Oaky 8-11pm


Friday 30th – 8-11pm

Tomi Watson

Jessica Holt

Kate McLachlan

Saturday 31st – 8-11pm

Matt Katsis

Sunday 1st June

Michelle and Chanelle 5-8pm

Carrie Oaky 8-11pm